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[S] 16 Prayer 60 Attack W/ 83 Construction.

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 Castle Wars Halo W/Top 

 Mithril gloves

 Berserker Ring (i)
 √ 7.4M NMZ Points.
√ Ornante jewelry box & ornate Pool. ( comes with 11 orange spices & Crystal Saw if you choose to add on house )
√ Book Of War & Unholy Book.
√ Monkey madness


1 ) Pictures of the account stats


2 ) Pictures of the login details

3 ) Pictures of the total wealth (Avas Accumulator as well)




4 ) Pictures of the quests completed

52 quest points (attack fully quested W/ Ava + mith Gloves & Crystal saw.



5 ) The price you will be starting bids at

6 ) The A/W (Auto-win) for your account

Unsure, best offer as of now. - Please no super lowballs, GP is already as cheap as it gets at the moment. )

7 ) The methods of payment you are accepting
07 GP

8 ) Your trading conditions
Open to using a middleman upon account purchase. otherwise, you will go first.

9 ) Pictures of the account status


10 ) Original/previous owners AND Original Email Address
I am the original/Only Owner, you will receive email upon account purchase.
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