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In need of a crafting guide

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Depending what your looking to do, depends if you can make money or not.

Ive resolved myself around making money at the moment, and i'm 61 crafting (lunar quest) by doing -

Games necklace - 1 gold bar 1 sapphire 1 cosmic rune 1 water staff.

Ring of dueling - 1 gold bar 1 emerald 1 cosmic rune 1 air staff.

Strength amulet - 1 gold bar 1 ruby 1 cosmic rune 1 ball of wool 1 fire staff.

Kept making money on all of them, strength ammies I sold for 2K each which then I only earnt 200-400K profit per 1k made depending on buyers. Games necklaces and dueling rings sold pretty fast, ofcourse dueling rings have gone up if not mistaken in price with the update to dragon bones, so therefore, even with it costing maybe 800-900gp to make, you will be able to sell for 1.5-2k/ring same with necklaces, I was crafting them for maybe 600-700gp, selling them at 1.2-1.5k/necklace. 

Hope that helps :)

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This is the guide that I came up with, it includes prices and amounts. hope it helps :)


By the way, If you do green vambs to 99 you won't lose money but my guide says to do blue vambs because it's faster and I wasn't looking for money making.


32-38 - Leather Chaps - 521 Chaps

Cowhides: 119,830gp


38-57 - Leather Coifs - 4672 Coifs

Cowhides: 1,027,840gp


57-66 - Green Vambraces - 4726 Vambs

Green Dragonhide: 6,616,400gp


66-99 - Blue Vambraces - 179,117

Blue dragonhide: 304,498,900gp


Total: 312,262,970gp

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