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Buying Diamond Bolts - Low GE limit.

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Can you guys help me buy diamond bolts? There’s an 11k limit in the GE every four hours which is real bad. 


They’re around 390-400 gp so it’s around 4m. If you can buy some from the GE to help me with the limit that’d be great. I don’t have multiple member accounts so trying to get a lot is real annoying. 

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31 minutes ago, goonrunner said:

where abouts are you bro ill buy some after my barrows trip.

I hopped off but will be back in 1-2 hours. Just let me know how much you bought it for and I’ll pay you. 


28 minutes ago, Anomaly said:

literally have 28 accounts with membs chilling. Let me know. I can do it if I have time

Omfg I love you so much. I have a 70m cash stack at the moment so whatever you can get for 70m I’ll buy. :d

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