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8 hours ago, silentbaws said:

Alright time for another small update before I go to bed. Tried to run the bots on my vps last night but ran into a few problems and a few bans which wasn't unexpected. I think I've fixed all the bugs I found in the scripts and found the max bots I can run on my vps at a time before they start fucking up. I also found a pretty obscure money making method the other day so I decided to try and make a bot for it this morning. Finished up most of the code in the morning and just added a banking and anti-pk system this evening to complete it. This brings my total up to 3 farming bots of the 5 I wanted to complete. So now I figure is as good a time as any I'm probably going to start on my muling script. What I'm thinking the best way to do this is just create a server that the bots all log into and when they reach certain goals they'll request a mule to come and collect the gold. Probably also going to have to create a custom login script so my mule doesn't have to be logged in 24/7 so I'm going to start looking into that. Anyway that's all for tonight, cya tomorrow when I'm done my muling script(jk probably going to take a few days to get it all setup).

Impressed man! you'll be making big money soon then. Good luck on the muling. 

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I like the idea of bots calling for mules and having meet up points. What have you been writing your bot launching scripts in? You also might want to look into AWS's dynamoDB that's what I'm using to handle all my bot details and it can be accessed from anywhere so I can run bots on my laptop and server without having to worry about syncing databases or anything. Looking forward to more updates!

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