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Anyone tried inefficent extremely randomized scripts for long periods of botting?

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Something I found interesting when I bot is all the public scripts are extremely efficent and the randomization/antibot features dont seem too vary too much. 

When I play as a human sometimes I'll randomly go afk, sometimes I'll check stats, sometimes my mouse spazzes out, sometimes I right click and sometimes I directly left click. I found that when I record mysefl for example alching as a human and add variance and record myself for an hour, and then replay that for 10-12 hours my account won't get banned, but if I run an auto alcher then I'll get banned for doing a 10-12 hour session.

So has anyone tried creating scripts with alot of variance/randomness where they'll sometimes operate at max efficency, then for example sleep for 2 minutes, then randomly check stats and be as human like as posssible, sometimes right clicking/left clicking, and if so have they affected ban rates?



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"Anti-bans" are meant to mimic human interactions. Problem is, a lot of anti-ban is similar. However, human interactions vary greatly across different people.

Perhaps the idea of "anti-ban" is fine however, how it's being implemented is poor. The idea is to create anti-ban that could resemble an instance of a person, instead of a few generic actions.

Alek mentions not to play more then x amount of hours daily and y hours weekly but, many real players exceed those hours and aren't falsely banned. Their actions/interactions are being identified as a human. Jagex looks at a large number of factors and uses these (I believe) in neural networks. The NN decide if all the actions you've done is bot like or not. The longer you play, the more data it has and easier it's to make a decision.


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