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Slight Market Forum Restructure

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RS07 GP Sales

RS07 GP Requests

RS3 GP Sales

RS3 GP Requests

RS07<>RS3 GP Exchange


Runescape Membership Sales

Runescape Membership Requests

OSBot Gift Vouchers




Price Checks


(Ideally we should just remove this section completely, all of the threads in it hardly get any meaningful replies or actually get any sales done. The best place to deal with RS<>RS trades is just going here . They will have MUCH better luck trying to trade with the ENTIRE RS community rather than just a few people at OSBot. Blackmarket is more for illicit sales, but legitiamte RS<>RS sales are best done at Zybez)




False Feedback

Ban Evaders




Some of the changes/reasoning:

  • Standardize the two market forces by calling them Sales and Requests (instead of shops and requests, since all sellers are not necessarily shops)
  • Remove the 'Verified' subforums. Less subforums is always better, a Verified tag for threads can be created instead, available to people with the proper ranks to use. This way we have 1 section with all of X users, and the verified ones can use the tag to stand out.
  • ReOrdered the boards a bit from (in my opinion) approximately highest to lowest demand.
  • Added an "OSBot Gift Voucher" subforum under membership. It currently has no set board. This will give it a clear home.
  • Created a few extra subsections in Gold section to segregate RS07 and RS3 gp sales into two different boards.
  • Removed Account>Requests board, if you want a certain/specific account made toy our specifications, then go to the serves section and get it made there instead.
  • Dispute section subforums rearranged into an order that makes more sense
  • Other stuff...

Please let me know what you think of these changes, and if you have any further suggestions to the format.

No spam please, 'support' is always nice but not very constrictive, at least add a sentence insight!



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i agree with all you have said and also think there needs to be some updates made to the services such as categories for each service to make it easier to navigate.

Thank you, and good call. I

f there are actually a lot of/enough threads in there for it to need subsections I agree.

I'm not much of a services guy myself, what would some of the subforums be?


Skilling, Minigames (something that also includes firecaps/torsos, etc), Other?

Anything else?

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Don't support rs3. We're OSBot not RSBot

Sure that's true, the bot is for RS07, but many people play and enjoy both versions of RS equally.


There are already quite a few threads which do exchanges between the two, or buy/sell RS3 GP.


Just because the bot itself focuses on RS3 doesn't mean that people in the market don't have any interest in RS3GP. Many botting sites which are dedicated to one version of RS still have a makret section or allow in their market any sort of GP sales.


A market is a very large part of any botting community and the users shouldn't be restricted on what they can buy and sell. 

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Then why no RS3/07 Account/Item/Service differences as well? Why is it only restricted to GP

There is much more supply/demand for GP than services, so I'd say they require their own subforum.


I'm sure all services (07 and RS3) can be put into one (or a few) subforums and work out just fine without clutter.

Or we can just create one big subforum  under services for all RS3 services, whichever seems to work  best depending on the volume of threads made.

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