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Problems With The Client? Come here.

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First of all, download the latest version of Java( www.java.com) and osbot (www.osbot.org)

Random errors:

If you are using a VPN try switching to another IP address

If you have an antivirus giving you problems, make an exception for osbot, or just disable it.





If you are getting this error:

[iNFO ][08/29/13 09:45:27 PM]: Grabbing parameters...
[iNFO ][08/29/13 09:45:28 PM]: Successfully grabbed client parameters from world 69
[iNFO ][08/29/13 09:45:28 PM]: Injecting client...


First, delete your local.dat. Can be found here: 




If this doesn't help, let the bot sit around for 5-10 minutes. Sometimes the servers can be slow and take some time to download and inject the client(will take a while if its your first time). If that doesn't work, then close the first tab you opened and then open a new one.





If none of these guides help you, contact any Mod, @Sherlock, or myself. We can help you out.



Credits: @Sherlock and @Ricky


Anything else you think we should add just post below

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