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Dispute against severide

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Disputed member: Severide [https://osbot.org/forum/profile/288153-severide/]

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Explanation: Already has full control of my acc, was supposed to be paying rest of his main off as i got, today was supposed to pay him(which i did) 35M, Along with the 10m ive paid previously and we decided id make some of the payments by questing his pure. was supposed to change over email and such today after paying him and randomly changes my acc password. im asking him wats going on as i cant signin via rs website but was still logged in game, he sent me the next pass reset(still never got a email change) also said he had his email "breached" next thing i know im logged out and acc is "locked" via jagex. within a few min of me sending him this screenshot he had changed the pass(same login now gives error of invalid pass instead of account is locked). he also stopped responding IMMEDIATELY after this and has been off since. 












Also previously stated in our skype convos that he is a member on Advertising other bots isn&#39;t allowed. as well so please release his ip to them so that they may ban his acc(since its under a different name on there) so this kid cant scam anyone else, its also where he uses his zulrah bot so getting banned on it would screw him over. 

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