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False Feedback

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I had replied to a service request to fulfill a fire cape on a specified account. After a few attempts on choppy services, I decided it would be best to either postpone the service till the next day as the servers were unstable OR to give him money as compensation as it had taken time away from him. He asked, "How much?" I replied, "2M." He greedily asked for "3M" and I denied it and defaulted on the other option of another attempt the next day when servers are more stable. I told him I am going to log off for the night and I would be doing it tomorrow.

I woke up at 8AM and was planning on doing it prior to heading to work at 10:45AM. I came to the obstacle that he had changed his account information, but ALSO, had left two false feedbacks on my account as well and posted another thread of which he requested the same service.

Within my service thread T.O.S., it states the following:


- You may not log into the account throughout the service period, nor change the password,
unless granted permission otherwise.
Note: This will void your service if it causes any issues with the service.

I would prefer his feedbacks be removed from my account seeing as they are falsely stated and blown out of proportion.


Check the threads. If needed, I do have the conversation saved from our Discord chat. Though, I did remove all contact with him due to what he has done. Though, I did save the chat log in a document.



Thank you for your time, whomever reviews this request.


- Incognito

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