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cli cript id problem

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Yo i cant find any script id of any of my scripts... I keep checking the logger and this is what i get for one of my scripts

INFO][Bot #1][03/10 04:51:09 PM]: Loaded 4 built-in random solvers!
[INFO][Bot #1][03/10 04:51:11 PM]: Started random solver : Auto Login
[INFO][Bot #1][03/10 04:51:18 PM]: Random solver exited : Auto Login
[INFO][Bot #1][03/10 04:51:22 PM]: Started random solver : Welcome Screen
[INFO][Bot #1][03/10 04:51:25 PM]: Definitions loaded: 22288
[INFO][Bot #1][03/10 04:51:25 PM]: 23 APIs loaded
[INFO][Bot #1][03/10 04:51:25 PM]: "force_web" changed to "1"
[INFO][Bot #1][03/10 04:51:25 PM]: "force_path" changed to "1"
[INFO][Bot #1][03/10 04:51:25 PM]: Random solver exited : Welcome Screen
[INFO][Bot #1][03/10 04:51:35 PM]: Banks added: [43]
[INFO][Bot #1][03/10 04:51:35 PM]: Floors added: [13]
[INFO][Bot #1][03/10 04:51:35 PM]: Scenery added: [2]
[INFO][Bot #1][03/10 04:51:35 PM]: Entrances added: [49]
[INFO][Bot #1][03/10 04:51:35 PM]: Carpet rides added: [4]
[INFO][Bot #1][03/10 04:51:35 PM]: Ships added: [5]

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35 minutes ago, Antonio Kala said:

Anyways which script's id are you trying to get?

Lets say perfectFighter, I start the script, I check the logger and I see no script id. I know it should say something like starting script id and so on but cant find :/

43 minutes ago, Antonio Kala said:

Local script = script name.

Sdn script = use the script id, you can ask in the thread or check the logger.

If there are no parameters just type "none" so -script 849:none

Do you know how  to start multiple accounts with cli? Somebody mentioned start a new line but I did and nothing happens + does not login automatically as expected. Could you give me an example?

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