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got a false fb from agua

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wile i took a order from agua everything went good till i moved to my new house wile i moved form my house i still had orders that had been folowing and the account aque wanted was a fresh account so non stads zero a lvl 3 account that he needed for i believe i was started zulrah account from scratch so when i moved to my new hosue i gived my step brother my services to be done wile he was doing the srvices aque tells me how far are you  thhe thing is that i had no internet so i coundnot check my skype account for the messages when i got on my skye he told me liek bro why u took new servives wile u got still got mine to finish i was like i ahd no internet wile i moves here and i told him do i have to pay for everything  like suplies/bond/stuf he said yes i said after that i wil think about it if it is my time worth/my money worth making the account so its is my bad that i havnt respocne after that saying no its not profitable for me to make the account  and ye today he gift me a natural fb for something that i had no plats that my parants where moving to a new house

this is my dispute against aqua from him false nutrial feedback so please remove it thanks 

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