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Lets look at the pros and cons.


Pros: Nothing.

Cons: Can cause issues with scripts you wouldn't normally get, uses more resources, consistently broken with long downtime periods.


Regular client

Pros: Free, the OG client, works well, little downtime, doesn't take up a ton of resources, equal "protection" as mirror mode. 

Cons: Doesn't suck your dick till climax.


Seems like an easy choice to me. Let's use some logical thinking. You'd figure if mirror mode actually reduced your chances at getting banned it would't go down for a week+ at a time. Truth is is that it doesn't do anything, the dev that keeps it up doesn't care, and if you purchase VIP for the sole purpose of using mirror, all you're doing is giving the dev team free :cash: ayy lmaoo

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59 minutes ago, H0rn said:

Posted June 19, 2015


Id probably guess they aren't fooled by that anymore, even botting on stealth was easy back then

Of course stealth- injection was easy back then. It's the most common method in botting.

I don't want to teach you on how injection and mirror procedures work in Java. But, in short its how these methods are getting values. Injection interacts with the game's client directly and mirror mode is working off a "mirror" of the java application (indirectly). 

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