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Lrug Drod dispute

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Disputed member: [member=] Lrug Drod

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Explanation: below

Evidence: below


was trying to buy some of his 161m gp vs my 409 (xlm) crypto and asked him which one he wanted, he said xlm. so i switched to xlm and sent to his wallet (binance)

everything on my end is completed successful but his online wallet has a problem accepting xlm.... which is his fault he should have known about it :/

all he has todo is contact support but that could take 2 weeks from what im reading now


sorry but cant wait that long...  i tried to message him after giving him some time but he might have blocked me on discord :/

gathering evidence now...

i tried to re message him 2 hours later at 4 but kept saying that message and refreshed them every time i retried, then i read it saying i could be blocked


please hide staff only 








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