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Dispute against bdog

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So i'm not entirely sure if there's a statue of limitations here but here's the situation. This dude bdog1249 sold me an account in June 2016. At some point after (I think roughly a month later) he recovered the account. He blocked me almost instantly after the sale on skype, and never returned to the forums (until recently). I never made a dispute because he literally never logged into the forums so I assumed it to be a scam quit. I saw a familiar name a few days ago on the forums and it was him. I was trying to remember where I saw the name before and then I looked through my feedback and saw he sold me an account and instantly remembered that he recovered the account. I went to grab all the skype chats that I could find. 


Below is the link for all the proof. Note the stats, they are literally the exact same as his forum post from the username he gave me 2 years ago. This should be proof enough.



If mods want to see the original images i'm more than happy to send 'em.


Below (I believe was the thread about the account 2 years ago).




Oh and here is his thread now. 


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