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ALL bad parkers deserve this

D Bolter

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6 hours ago, guywithlsd said:

for some reason i red title as - all bad PKERS deserve this

So i was like, aya, jagex nerfed gmaul, come here to read... biggest waste of time

if you think gmaul needs a nerf, you're prob a shit pker. It's been that way since the game was created and now all the noob pkers want it nerfed. You want something nerfed? nerf the tick delay bs. Also I'm sorry you can't read.

9 hours ago, littlet said:

If this is real, which I doubt, then this guy is just a douche.

what about the shitty parkers? they're not douches? lmao nice logic. They could get tickets for parking like that but they don't. 

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49 minutes ago, Tigger said:

if the parking lot is empty asf who cares how they park lol


41 minutes ago, littlet said:



my bad you have a point about old people and empty parking lots. Technically it's still illegal and you can still get a ticket. But yeah, personally if I parked bad, I would prefer a harmless prank over a ticket any day. 

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