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Can someone do firecape for me?


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I would like to do it myself but I'm shit at the game and I already spend a few millions trying to do Jad but I just keep dying because my attention span is very little.
I tried searching for Firecape services but they always have more reasons on not to do it. Soooo, Is there someone with a high trust rating here who will be able to do it for me? I can pay you a few mill in-game or via PayPal If you would like.


Here are my stats:

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For someone who actually does firecape services, I’ll be able to do this easily for you.

Seeing as I have a a low reputation on here, I’ll do it for 5M for you.

You can view my service thread for professional security tips, etc. I also offer the ability to chat over Discord while you watch my screen if you so desire.

I can start now and have it done within an hour.

Feel free to reply here, message me on forums, or even message me on Discord at Damen#2343!


Thank you for your time.

- Incognito

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