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Prayer pot drinker?


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As I think you wanna play legit and just need auto potion drinking then it's easy. "Pseudo" non tested code below

int prayerPointThreshold = 10;
String prayerPotName = "Prayer potion";
public int onLoop() {
	if (skills.getDynamic(Skill.PRAYER) <= prayerPointThreshold && inventory.contains(prayerPotName)) {
     	inventory.interact("Drink", prayerPotName);
      	new ConditionalSleep(5000, 250) {
        	public boolean evaluate() {
            	return skills.getDynamic(Skill.PRAYER) > prayerPointThreshold;

Use proper potion names (can't remember how they are called) and dunno if the conditional sleep syntax is correct. Otherwise should work.

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