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Dispute against Hiko58


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Disputed member: @hiko58

Thread link: 


Explanation: Used @Dbuffed as a middleman for a 40-60 agility order. @hiko58 bots agility on my account and it now has a temp 2-day ban. Not only does this devalue my account, but now I can't bot on it without the risk of getting permanently banned. Anyways, he scam quit at 5 fucking feedback. God bless.

Evidence: Hide obviously.

Trying to login:


Removed me from Skype:


Account stats prior to service:


Account bank prior to service:



Literally fucking rekt the first time I've ever attempted to purchase a service.

I know it sucks to be the little guy because I had to start my service from nothing.

So, I wanted to give the lower feedback guys a chance because it can be tough trying to start out.



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