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Dispute against Hiko58

Milk Truck

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Disputed member: @hiko58

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Explanation: He has been doing a lot of services for me the last few days and yesterday he asked to borrow one of the accounts he used to help complete another service for someone on here. (Blocking for a no pray account in dt). So since he has done so much for me i figure i would help him out. I left around 4m on the account in items and gp because i figured he wouldn't swipe it due to he has just done 70m+ for me in services with accounts with 10m+ on them, but sure enough when i log in this morning the gp and items are off the account and he is no longer replying on skype.


Before he go on the account - https://gyazo.com/3f2ddd5c39197dd51bb166704ad255ef

After he got on the account - https://gyazo.com/4dd15db9547f063ebc65b04ea6b7f05f

Here is also the skype logs where he asks to borrow the account and saying i can take screen shots before he gets on - 






Doesn't make any sense why he would go through over 30+ quests and a torso to scam quit for 3m. Will keep you updated if he replys to me on skype.

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