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New to client botting

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I came from RM after learning about there hour system and regaining "hours" slowly day by day and the way they do it scams tf out of people. I plan to put no more money into that bot site because who doesnt want to bot for a week or two while regaining hours? Even if you pay for more you STILL have a chance on not regaining any hours because of there flawed system and greedy af staff. I would like to get into VIP here but would like to learn more about how these paid scripts work and VIP. 


I babysit hell out of my bots so i tend to find errors and bugs fast and stop using them and id rather not pay for a bot that does these things OR is NEVER updated in a timely fashion. The client is new to me and iv been sketchd out by using a 3rd party client because of ban rates but using OSbuddy and the client it should be ok playing legit for awhile first right? I have an account thats almost 15 years old so Jagex has a lot of info on me. Back when DT came out i did an autotyper for 30 hours straight and never caught a ban but you could suicide for 48 hours then and not catch one. I hope to find this site a lot better than RM just because your free bots are actually free and if im in hard times i dont have to wait for weeks to bot again. I have my own personal science to botting and not getting banned and have gotten to over 1100 total so far even while doing banable things so i hope this site isnt the end of me.

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cant say other sites
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