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Zulrah Accounts ♣ GREAT PRICES ♣

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These accounts will either be zulrah ready or nearly zulrah ready. The price will reflect either or.

SKYPE: Konchamp@outlook.com


Account #1: A/W 45M



Stats: 3012e94a9f1d3fa1eb9ae60d67570c0c.png
Login: 0bc4bbe4590b222c9330005f300f4985.png

Wealth: 861986d667c7021cdc1a7a44f367a15c.pngQuests: 1d188e016eecf7cdb89f141abbe344b3.png  (Has agility req for Regicide line, not completed. Factored into price)

Offense: d4659d6906df17615314feb68f9b3992.png

I am original owner. Email login not real, will xfer email over to yours.




Account #2: A/W 70M SOLD TO @Aqua



Stats: 0139cbba16010afd9552a35b017d397b.png

Login: 2aff1627138f5eaf2aae57775385962f.png


Wealth: 6d7f4122e5b0bd60bc7649909d0313b2.pngQuests: bd4407f5af00c1c635e5a7adda16c0e0.png

Offense: c6f9decd58a0045ff7705feaefb2b496.png

I am original owner. Email address login is not real, I will xfer to yours.





Account #3: A/W 35M - SOLD to @Aqua



Stats: a39a01f84a49ab88c693101e88779b5b.png
Login: 59d2bf1fa20ad2328581048dc18ac3b7.png

Wealth: d812bb4edb863f938826be0e6366bcdd.png  Offense: 6efd13f3f3c8f711e08b2f3b3fd31e3e.png
No email attached. I am original owner (Lvl 3 from @gearing)



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