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[PC] A bunch of accounts

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Account 1: Baby F2P 2Her



Fully quested attack of course because I'm not a fucking mongoloid. 

Cannoned most range to stay somewhat low hp. 

Can be turned into literally anything since it's somewhat quested.


Account 2: Super quested g mauler



Very well quested 118 QP because I don't make shit unquested caveman pures.

Diaries done of course as well.


Account 3: Baby F2P 2Her


Got prayer on this F2P acc which is kinda ass. NMZ ready.

82 quest points. Attack and prayer obviously quested because I'm not a troglodyte. 


Account 4: Starter NMZ Prod main


Nothing much here. Just an NMZ prod I wanted to get a quest cape on.


Account 5: Starter ironman with lots of quests


117 QP was working on grinding out b gloves before I got bored since this was my 3rd ironman lul.


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14 minutes ago, drapi said:

43 pray fucks it up a bit, its not pk rdy

Btw u dont Need more than mithril gloves for pures tbh

Ya, was gonna use this to nh brid in pvp worlds but I start way too many projects and abandon them.

But naw, I cant have a pure that isnt quested. Im way too anal about them. 

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