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Regarding recent user bans

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Recently noticed that a few users have been banned on forums who, at least they claimed, were willing to release "high end and complex" open source scripts, eg. Zulrah and Slayer. Mods will probably know who I'm talking about.

I didn't see any disputes or anything of the sort.

Naturally, my question is were they involved in any rule breaking or unwillingness to cooperate?

Asking in order to get my head straight about what is and what is not allowed regarding scripts, or "behavior".

If, for any reason this thread is innapropriate, feel free to close it.

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Found out that both users knew each other and specifically came here to "crash" the market. After we accepted their scripts onto the SDN for free pending a code review, they both mysteriously left and claimed we never approved it. Turns out that the github for one of them had a lot of password stealing projects in the past and other various scrapers. Both later conspired to steal passwords but were put off when we asked them to have their scripts on the SDN. Unfortunately we had to log into their accounts to read their communications. Since they did end up "hacking" a user, I'm going to ask you to refrain from asking anymore questions about these two goons until we finish our investigation. 

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