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need a new pure will pay good

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Hey i just i need a new pure gmauler  i need it to be dont right i dont know how i seem to always mess up .

50 attack 65 range 70 str  and i want it the attack lvls to be quested  and i want mith gloves climbing boots  i will pay very good money and if u can cannon and make it member  ill pay all your supplys take pictures of the supplys you buy and i will pay 1$ per million spent... pm for more  i pay paypal money is not a problem name me a price but dont over do it :D ty

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6 minutes ago, khatchoow said:

i dont have that stuff that why i will pay at the end extra for the supplys spent  i can provide an account thats no problem...if you cannon my range if u can afford it i will pay extra 

purchase osrs gp with pp? or i can provide supplies and such but will be $50, need 10 upfront to pay for all supplies needed on account, a mm can be used or I'll accept half the overall payment at first and the rest after. 

If a MM is used you will take fee or find a free one 

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