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D Bolter

Sketchy offsite ban evader/scammer + potential fake feedback

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Disputed member: @Ripperinoo

Thread Link: messaged me on skype about bonds

Explanation: he didn't want to send payment as gift because he has a business paypal and apparently it wouldn't let him, but I do too..he also kept deleting posts. He deleted the post where he said his profile so I asked him to pm me and he sends me a screenshot of him being logged in.



proof of him sending $9.2 :8dcb6d739fed93a74891e8a937a67019.png



you can see that the paypal he sent from matches the scam report on sythe where the mod confirmed he was a scammer and ban evader: https://www.sythe.org/threads/scammer-runewild-stock-sirmeliodas/


here is a screenshot he sent me after I try to get him to confirm its his osbot account: 



The guy who he got the $500 vouch from is fairly new too so it may be fake.

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