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Hardware/Desktop Bitcoin Wallets

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3 hours ago, Rxd said:

What coins do you suggest?


XRB is my favorite ATM, is actually usable as a currency.

3 hours ago, Gamete said:

Best joke I've heard all day.

Keep saying that as the dominance percentage continues to fall for foreseeable future.

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3 hours ago, Gamete said:

You have to get off /r/CryptoCurrency

I don't reddit. At least not for crypto :-p 

More of a /biz/nessman...


I've used bitcoin as an actual currency since it was $50 and have used it as a currency to buy things all the way up to $16,000. I can tell you that it's failing miserably at it's purpose, it makes for a terrible currency when put up against an IOT coin such as XRB. Bitcoin is version one of something very special, and that in itself may give it some value, but it shouldn't be worth anything near 30% or even 10% of the market share.


Genuinely had to ditch electrum after over 3-4 years of use, because I was scared fees would surpass $50 per transaction.

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