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Possible Undetectable Client idea. Opinons?

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So, with the release of mobile coming. That opens more horizons obviously. As i was sitting here looking at a runescape mobile ad, i was thinking wow, it would be incredibly easy to use an auto clicker on an emulator for fletching and basically be undetectable. 

But, what if we can have a script/off-client that would process through the emulator which is playing runescape mobile. Injections would then be in the emulator instead of the client itself, would they not? I'm not super educated as far as technicalities go, so take it easy on me. But i figured it was an idea i would through out to the community, and get some more professional feedback. 

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There is already a method to login to your desktop from mobile or tablet using Teamviewer or Chrome Remote Desktop with RS running and get massive gains on enchanting bolts through taps so I imagine that this would prove to be beneficial, though how they detect taps vs. mouseclicks is beyond me. I have ran instantaneous mouse jumps auto-clicking in the past with minor randoms in sleep and mouse position and ended up with a minor macro 2-day ban.

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