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PC 73 WC

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2 hours ago, PapaMerch said:

That's a negative ghost rider lol. 10-20m


2 hours ago, PapaMerch said:

Yeah thats why, I think he said 2-4m because he thought it was 20/20/20 combat only or maybe he thinks its worth that much. In my opinion 10-20m.

Dude u know nothing about the market and yet you still try to downgrade me to some noob with negative attitiude? like what :???:

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4 hours ago, Dard said:

73 wc is worth nothing, 2M max value.


3 hours ago, Dard said:

Pricechecks are generally not valued over time spend. Pricechecks are based on what the account CAN do and the difficulty. 73 ain't difficult & nice u can cut yews...

does 55+ magic and 45+ rc add any value ?

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