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Data Structure Help [Java]

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So I have a problem where I have a set of objects with two fields. I need to be able to get the min object of the set at a fast time (using a custom comparator). The problem is, when I get the min object set, it changes the fields of some objects in my original set. Thus, the ordering of the set needs to be changed when I am done with the min object. 

To me it seems obvious to use a priority queue with a custom comparator, the problem is, the Priority Queue in Java doesn't have a change or decrease key operation. I have tried looking for other implementations online for a priority queue that uses a comparator with the decrease key operation but I cannot find one. Any help would be greatly appreciated at to how to approach this problem? 

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5 minutes ago, dreameo said:

Delete entries that have changed and re enter them in the priority queue for it to remain ordered. 

Problem is, the remove function in a PQ is linear and every time a min get removed, multiple objects get updated in the PQ. Thus many iterations of the whole PQ is needed

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