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Make a sticky under Dispute for Recovered Accounts

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Just a simple suggestion,

Once an account gets recovered, it's bad news bears.

New friends don't know what to do except report under dispute, but even then a simple ban doesn't do justice since they'll come back under an alt anyways.

Can you make a guide that'll show victims of account scamming how to report the account to jagex tipoff or take to twitter?

While we're on this, can you also amend in one of the stickies under account buying sections to ALWAYS take screenshots of the account to be used against the original owner should they recover it

>inb4 owner can claim he was hacked.

There is always that chance, when they cry to jagex that they would believe them. There just needs to be a better way to hold leverage against account sellers, as I have been scammed many times, and if there are better suggestions out there, would be a ton of fucking help :doge:

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Dont personally think it'll work because a few people do come back and appeal and pay back what they've scammed. So then you have the question of who is going to be compensating them? The only way i think it'd work is if the victim takes up that route but also knows that by taking that route he can no longer be entitled to a refund if a person wishes to appeal. Which is also not that ideal either. That way if someone scammed an account, account got banned, that'd effectively mean he paid off his debts, even though he had no intention of returning. 

Really sticky situation. 

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buying accounts is always a risk nothing can be really done about it other then always xfering wealth off account every time but lets be honest thats full bothering .


only buy throw away accounts you going to bot and should be ban within a few days and buy at a cheap rate so your loss in at a low 

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