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WebWalkEvent : setBreakCondition : Unseen Delay?


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Hello all, thanks for reading!


So, I am putting together a lil script that requires some custom obstacle handling. All fine and dandy, I got the handler written and if I let it run while I path manually, it blazes through the obstacle at breakneck speeds! HOWEVER, if I use the setBreakCondition feature of WebWalkEvent the script takes a good 1-3 seconds before it even begins handling the obstacle. 

Script's current delays as set by me:
onLoop(): 200

 WebWalkEvent evt = new WebWalkEvent(targetArea);
                evt.setBreakCondition(new Condition() {

                    public boolean evaluate() {
                        return dialogues.inDialogue();

I figured it could be the dialogues.inDialogue(); check, but generally it is returning extremely quick (so I don't think it is causing the 1-3 second delay).

Note this isn't a killer for the script, just very noticeable and slow. Anyone know what's up?

Thanks in advance for your advice,



EDIT: Upon timing the delay, it's anywhere from 1-10 seconds. The ten second delays, seeming like forever!

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