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Chikan's Uber Thieving [WIP] [DOWNLOAD LINK INCLUDED]


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Chikan's Uber Thieving



GUI Support:


Banking mode: While banking mode is active, the bot will automatically bank at the nearest bank if the inventory is full; the bot then deposits everything except the food item the user has chosen. (If food mode is selected.)

Eat food mode: While 'Eat food' is ticked, and a food type is selected the bot will check the inventory for the selected food; if the selected food is not found it will find the nearest bank available and withdraw the selected amount you have chosen.

Eat At: This setting will determine the health your character will eat at, but only if you have food mode enabled. Otherwise this section may be left on default.

Number of food items: This setting determines how many food items you wish to grab from the bank each time you run out. Options currently are 1, 5, 10, or All. (All will withdraw as many as possible, and then return to the previous task)


Instructions: Simply select a task you wish to preform, and if you wish for your character to bank stolen items; select the 'Banking mode' option. If you wish to have your character eat, select a food option, a healthpoint to eat at, and the number of food items you wish to bring along for each trip. Afterwards, just hit start and let it get gain you easy xp!


Supported items to Steal from:



Master Farmer

Silk Stall

Baker's Stall







Q: When will the script be released?

A: This script will be used for my S1 application, look for it on the SDN!


Q: The script is broken, can you fix it?!!?!

A: I will fix any issues if you can provide me details and logs of what is wrong. Fixes will be applied ASAP.


What I'm working on adding -


HAM Members









Fruit Stall (Including evasion, and trapping method for the dogs)

Silk Stall (Paladin && Guard evasion methods being perfected) -- will be done this part soon!



Note: More things will be added as I work on the script further, so keep an eye on the thread to see if I update anything!


(SCRIPT IS STILL UNDERDEVELOPMENT -- All methods are subject to change)




v1.1 Added Silk stalls & Baker stalls to the list of options- 12/3/2017

v1.2 Added Ardougne Knights to the list - 12/6/2017


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