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1m+/hr zulrah


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25 minutes ago, Dard said:

Botted or by hand?



13 minutes ago, Lulz0r said:

minimum 80 range/mage 70 def void+good gear is like 6-7 kills an hour

95range/mage 90def with good gear is 12-16 kills an hour

each kill is roughly 100k with the chance at a rare drop.

Hm, I have an account at 84 mage/82range/55pray/71def with void and im at around 9 kills an hr about 850-900k/hr gp.

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You can honestly make 1m/hour with just Magic. You need better gear for it and you'll be sweet, or maybe your making mistakes during the kills and its adding to the time. Or if your botting just make sure your on your home worlds and you don't have heaps of shit going on your PC. Its good having your bots run on nice ping. If you want max kills per hour though the best things to do is have 85+ Ranged & Mage. 

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