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Hey everybody, coming back to OSBot after taking a long brake. Looking to build some reputation.

Each service will be done on a new IP, and hardware ID.

I can do deposits up to 15m.

Skype: ratchandclanketservices@outlook.com

My serivces


All quests including any pure builds (turn around and price will be higher). PM for pricing.


  • Smithing: 7 gp/xp
  • Firemaking: 10 gp/xp
  • Thieving: 14 gp/xp
  • Construction: 12 gp/xp
  • Slayer: 50-80 gp/xp depends on stats

Minigames services:

  • Pest control: 20m novice, 15m intermediate (1 helmet).
  • Fire cape: 75+ range, 43 prayer. 6m base

Diary services:

Can complete all diaries as long as skill requirements are met.

Prices vary depending on tasks required to complete.

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