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When i download OSB....

No one here

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The thing is whatever I download it doesn't want to open as a JAVA file it wants to open with something else they're is no option no matter what I do to run anything with JAVA that is the problem


Is they're a way I can delete everything I've downloaded and start again?

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2 hours ago, No one here said:

Is they're a way I can delete everything I've downloaded and start again?

I can't help you with that, but you could try to locate your Osbot folder and try running it via the Command prompt. Then you're able to see, if your system even "recognizes" your current Java version.
Step by step guide on how to do that would be:

1. Locate your OSbot folder, the one with the osbot[Versionnumber].jar

2. Open the command prompt | You can do that by either searching for it with the term "cmd" in your Windows searchbar or by pressing down the [Windows-Key + R-Key] simultaneously. A small window should pop up, within that window there should be a textbox with the label "Open", in there you have to write "cmd" and press [ENTER].

3. Now that you've opened it, write "java -jar " <--- the space at the end is very important, before pressing [ENTER], drag the Java file into the Commandprompt window. 

4. Now it should be looking something like this ' C:\Users\[NAME]>java -jar "P:\OSBot\osbot 2.4.141.jar" '  - where as this "P:\OSBot\osbot 2.4.141.jar" is the Path to my osbot.jar. This one should probably be different for you.

5. After all that has been done, if you press [ENTER] the Client should load.


Hope this helped :)


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