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  1. Would love to try this masterpiece out!
  2. Seems very nice! Would love to get a trial to try it out
  3. Seems nice, havent tried it though. Have fun scripting
  4. It loggs me into the game, and then osbot wont resolve this window. The script is still running but it waits for me to manually press the "Click here to play" button. After I've clicked the button everything works fine. Iirc this was handled in the past. For some reason it does not get solved anymore for me.. There are also no errors within the console. The logging in part is not the problem. As explained above, I get into the world but it refuses to click the button to go forward.
  5. I can't help you with that, but you could try to locate your Osbot folder and try running it via the Command prompt. Then you're able to see, if your system even "recognizes" your current Java version. Step by step guide on how to do that would be: 1. Locate your OSbot folder, the one with the osbot[Versionnumber].jar 2. Open the command prompt | You can do that by either searching for it with the term "cmd" in your Windows searchbar or by pressing down the [Windows-Key + R-Key] simultaneously. A small window should pop up, within that window there should be a textbox with the labe
  6. As mentioned above, everytime I start any Script (tested a few) it loggs me in but refuses to click the Button to start the script. I don't know what could be causing this issue, but I hope I'm able to find some help for it. I use the regular client, so no mirror mode.
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