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Defender of Textel

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This is a game for phones. If you download it and beat the first boss there is a chance to put in a code for a free rare character. You get these codes from other people. I would like to pay ppl in OS gold for them to use my code. I need 10 more people so if you wanna participate please message me and we can discuss it or just add my Skype, Sedloc, and message me. I will pay 50k per code. This is also a very fun game so if you find yourself enjoying it let me know and ill use your code on another account. I know this inst an all explanatory thread so if you have any question just message me or send me a message on Skype. Thanks and have a nice day

The Apple App Store?

I couldn't find it :(

Defender of Textel right?

Edit: It's just called:

Defender of Texel

No extra T

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i dont understand what you mean you beat the boss and get a code and we give you the code?


After you beat the first boss you unlock the option to use a code for a free rare card. This code selection is in the upper right hand corner. You only can use one code before you get your own code to distribute. I am trying to pay people to use my code because for every person that uses my code i also get a rare card.

If anyone has any further questions or would like help just message me here or on skype. Again my skype name is SEDLOC, same as my username.

If someone wants to close this topic i have given out all the codes i can. thanks to those who helped me out


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Guest Simon

Trade me a Membership card for 10 codes?

Never mind, my iPhone is a very special phone and sadly D.O.T. found my hacking files and blocked me from the game -,-

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