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50-99 firemaking on HCIM


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1 hour ago, skillego said:

ill get this done for 15m pm me

Lmfao. That's literally 150k an hour m8.


Anyways, HP level? You can get to 19 and still have wintertodt deal 1 damage to you (with 4 warm clothing and 65 firemaking). From 50-64 it will deal 2 damage at 19 hp.

Takes about 80~ or so hours from 50-99 when I got it on my ironman. So I'll quote 90m.

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15 hours ago, skillego said:

ill get this done for 15m pm me


23 minutes ago, corey1996 said:

70-80m was what i was expecting, is anyone willing to start this weekend and can give me a estimate on when they will reach 99 please? thanks guys 

I can start this weekend, probably take me about 2-3 weeks. Pm me for my skype :) 

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