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Dispute against Prozen

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Okay so I made a private script request (sand crabs), i believe it was evaluated for 25m by @Prozen. So it all happened in the end of the february (yes ik, it was a long time a go and i didnt pursue this earlier, beacause i removed my PC until the end of the may as i had to study for my med exams, @Howest can confirm that). Prozen said it will be supported (script) for the time of him being on osbot. The thing is that the script never worked as it should. It usually worked just for 15mins and when crabs lost aggro, it all failed. Of course i shared my doubts with Prozen and he said that he would take care of it within few hrs, i didn't get any response since then. But as i mentioned earlier, i dropped the subject in the end of the february, because i didnt have the time and eagerness to do so. I pmed him this tuesday on skype, to talk about it with him since i play rs again. Didnt get any message back. Yesterday i told him that if he will continue to ignore me i will make a dispute and here i am since i didnt get any response, even though he's active on forums :)

Whole thing was a bit messy on my opinion, but i had to believe it's a part of the process.

Skype messages:


I believe its all there, lmk if u need anything else. I'd like a full refund.

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