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How to make gold?

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How do i start making services :o like i find lots of people buying lv 3 tut finished accounts for like 100k each, i wonder if creating 100 accounts would pretty much hammer me with a ban if any of those 100 accounts got banned or something or is it only if i violate rules whilst playing on my main, i have read the post above but i want confirmation? Though given that i read enough on this forum no one would trust me as i have no feedback whatsoever , and i joined recently to my first botting community osbot thanks to Willy(YouTube).

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On 6/15/2017 at 1:57 PM, PulseImpulse said:


1.The people that make level 3 accounts often use a bot to create accounts and do tutorial island.

2.To avoid bans they use separate proxies on each account.

3.As long as your main doesn't trade with or is on the same IP as your bots your main will be perfectly fine.

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