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GFX rant.

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So, i'we been designing for pretty long time now, been making some good money off of it and shit, But there is one thing that i want to rant about.

The fucking people that whine about prices, If something takes one to two hours of time to create, WHY DO YOU FUCKING WHINE IF THE PRICE IS OVER 5$?!

And if i make something for you and you say "I could of done better" WHY THE FUCK AINT YOU IN THE GFX BUSINESS THEN?


Some fucking people seem to think that photoshop works like this

Step 1. Masturbate

Step 2. Open photoshop

Step 3. Open new file 

Step 4. Click on a colour

Step 5. Press Enter and wait while photoshop does the job.

Step 6. Sell the shit that photoshop just automatically threw together in 5 seconds.

Step 7. Profit



Fuck yall cheap ass's....

Rant over.

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I have to agree, some people on this community are rather too cheap and de-value GFX work here.

I had people here expect an hour of work for $5.00 only.

I usually charge $15-$20 for an hour of work most of the time. Depending what the piece of work is, can go even higher.

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