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PC - barb fished obby mauls 60str - 60 fish

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1.) Just wondering what a general price is for an account like this. I have a few accounts with similar stats around 60-65 STR, 60 fish, 35 agility. 

2.) How much more if I completed some of the basic quests for an obby mauler and got them to 55 slayer? (by then they would prob be around 70 or more str)

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Just now, Switzzz said:

I should've specified a little more. They are only partially barb fished until about 35-40 str. It's pretty slow tbh but I guess it depends how long you are running the bot

well 60 str with 10hp will go for like 15m+ if someone really wants that. but im not sure if thats the case. 

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