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need quests asap

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Zogre flesh -1qp
troll romance-2qp
tribal totem- 1qp
tower of life-2qp
throne of misc-1qp
tears of guthix -1qp
itchlarins lil help- 2qp
tail of two cats -2qp
tai bwo wannai trio- 2qp
shilo village-2qp
sea slug -1qp
scorpion catch-1qp
roving elves-1qp
one small favour-2qp
mournings end pt1- 2qp    30 this far
monks friend -1qp
lost tribe-1qp
sheep herder-4qp
hazeel cult-1qp
the hand in the sand-1qp
the giant dwarf-2qp
creature of fenk-2qp
garden of tranq -2qp
forgettable tale-2qp      46 this far
fight arena-2qp
the feud-1qp
fairytale 1-2qp
englightened journey -1qp
elemental workshop 1 and 2 -2qp
dwarf cannon -1qp


MY Skype is Lucki.OsB

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