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GG all voiders?

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Not only did jagex update and break the game by adding overpowered armor that was obtainable totally outside of the entire storyline with minimal requirements that caused hundreds of thousands of players to quit, but jagex then later removed said armor causing hundreds of thousands of more players to quit. 

And they say botting is killing RS, while they constantly obliterate years of peoples manual progress. 

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8 minutes ago, okaymate said:

It was about time to nerf some stuff, If the game kept going like it was ppl would get bored sooner than they will with these nerfs :)

IMO if they dont nerf more, like remove NMZ, game is dead. None of these cancer updates should have ever been applied. They got so much hate they had to rollback their game servers 10 years to keep customers. But then they apply the same updates that made people leave and maxed bots flourish. Makes no sense. 

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