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Dispute against Soetnows

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@Soetnows --- Soetnows and Me agreed a deal: He does 1 prayer firecape for my account for 50M 07.

I went first and trusted him, as he is a member from 2014 and has few nice feedback I just thought that he will be legit and so on.

Well it wasnt like that. I traded him 50M and I have evidence of it, I left blowpipe, dark bow, archer's ring and much other supplies to my account. Whole trade thingy was worth around 65M 07.

I talked to him through Osbot private messages. He tried the cape and DCed on wave 54. He said that he is going to take a little break from doing it but promised to finish the cape in 24 hours as we both agreed.

He maybe then tried it even 2nd time, but when I woke up this morning. There was no cape on my account, no moneys, he sold everything of my gear that was needed to do the cape. I saw it from my Grand Exhange history. Everything was gone, even my own cannonballs from bank (about 7K cballs).

Well, like I already said to @Soetnowsthrough private messages , I want to hear what he says about this whole thing. If he stilll does the cape with the gear he took from me, you can then close this dispute. Who knows if he had to do something very important in real life or something and he had to go? He hasn't answered me yet.

Let's wait for him to answer, lets give it like 2 days.  I like to give people a second chance and fix their mistakes. This was my very first trade ever, and he seemed so trustful and so kind person that I wanted to win myself and try to trush him.

I really wish you can give this some explanation...

You have 48 hours to reply to me @Soetnows , after that 48 hour mark I will post the screenshots of our conversations here. You still have a chance to fix this situation. I hope you choose the right option :) !


                Best Wishes, 2billiongp


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