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Does anyone have the google spreadsheet that says at what str level its better to be 1/13/31 prayer?

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18 minutes ago, ez11 said:

There used to be some big google spreadsheet that had all the effective str levels (str lvl + boosting prayer) listed for every str level and every str boosting prayer so you could see at what level you should get the next prayer.

Does anyone have that one saved or knows some site that does the same?

google.com :kappa:

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the max str levels u can get with 31 is 4 that costs 2 cb levels so ask yourself if you want to sacrifice 2 combat levels for 4 str levels ie. 2-3 max hits with ags. In the end it balances out because if u stay 13 and unskull with a bring i and torture then your max hit is equivalent if you were 31 pray and did not have bring and torture. 1-13 is a also 2 cb lvls. so at 70 you can trade 2 cb lvls for 7 str lvls.

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