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Dispute on Nurvael

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Edit: And this is all acceptable to get a pardon? I'm seeing this as an acceptable behavior that people are allowed to do here. I heard he was able to successfully ban vade as well on another account with 10+ feedback already  @Maldesto Specific staff members seem to be "corrupted" by Nurv's words. Although these accusations can't be verified by the mods themselves, It's straight from the horses mouth at this point.

So either he is right or he is blatantly shaming you all.






Admits he will come back to scamquit

Sigh... Why is he unbanned and when I haven't recieved any of the money he owes me? He harasses me when he can and he gets unbanned?


No one reached out to me saying, I have your 35m back to repay or the dispute wasn't reopened?

He was trying to dispute me before for the membership I put on 40 flax accounts. That's 40m right there, but Nurv was saying it was close to 100m so? Because they weren't bonded accounts and used the inexpensive twitch codes.


He owes me 8m for a script he said he would pay me back for. 2.5m for me paying for one of his zulrah accounts to be quested.

Owes me 5m from rs jackpot cases that he never fully paid me for.

He lied to you guys several times saying I owed him?

I provided all the evidence to back what I'm saying. What am I missing?

He leaves negative feedback, ban evades twice. He says when he comes back in posts before he would just scam people and scam quit again.

Original Dispute:

Admitting he will scam again,


Multiple accounts of negative feedback, That should be enough warning points for permanent ban?

By allowing him to remain on this site is inconceivable. 

Edit: A whole lot of edits to be politically correct

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We got the evidence accompanied by an explanation as to why he refused to pay you the 35m, and after reviewing it, it turns out that he was infact correct, he didn't owe you anything, you just didn't understand or didn't want to understand it and kept pushing him even after he was banned. Meaning the ban was unjustified. I would be very mad too and do supid shit if that happened to me. And for that he will stay in TWC.

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Since there seems to be an uproar, going to be adding the evidence publicly to this post.


Suikabooty and me have been botting together for a long time.
We made good profits. We had weekends with 100m+ when botting flax for example. 
But he got into a bit of a crisis with his family and had to pay back $5000, so I decided to help him out by getting ready as much accounts as I could by the weekend.
I had about 50 to 100 p2p bot accs ready, that's about 150m with those prime codes.
After a few hours of botting he claims that about 10-20 accs got banned, and 10-15 acc recovered by the guy selling the accs.
The next weekend he asked me to bot air orbs with him.
I already had 4 accounts ready to do air orbs, I told him that we could do it together if he could supply for extra accs.
So he traded me 35m (I gave him 8m back), it's about 6-8m per air orb bot acc.
So I prepared all these accounts and gave them to him with 2m+ on supplies on each account.
Then all of a sudden he said to me: "We're going to bot the whole weekend but if we split I want my money back that I invested plus the rest will be split 50-50.
What he didn't seem to realise is that I also put money into the 4 accounts that I had of my own.
So I said to him: "But I have spent money on these accs too, your 20 isn't all the 8 accounts we have.
After that he started argueing, so I was like; "whatever, you can have it but then we're done here."
Suddenly he sent me the message: "I'm so close to blocking you and disputing you."
I was like; "But I already gave you your full profits and more than my profits, and then you claim that I stopped it and that you're going to dispute me?"
During the dispute he changed the details of 5 air orb accounts (unregistered email) and he still has access to them as we speak.
I myself, have only access to 3 of the accounts because those had emails registered.



https://gyazo.com/03bb3da9626892c397c685dd16133b25 (The 4 accs he's running are the ones I made earlier that day)
https://gyazo.com/549bb4588e72fd566247c3af437507dd (He doesn't understand that the accs he's running currently costed me money as well 6-8m)
https://gyazo.com/1a20cc629dc79ea6c05a3f2e297f4a77 (I also geared the accs with my money and he doesn't realise that)
https://gyazo.com/5184bf40df280e06000a55805a1aecb1 (This is where he had all the accs to bot on and he could have them from me, I didn't feel like getting into all this drama, and he still doesn't seem to understand what I mean)
https://gyazo.com/982ed235428137132a45304dfdc1f245 (This is where I try to explain him)
https://gyazo.com/f6f25859284004809ec1634b8a2d5786 (This is where he wants to dispute me)
And then I got banned and he sent me messages like "stay banned l0l0l0l faggot" and stuff.


Taking this evidence into account we have decided to unban him. But he will remain in Trade With Caution.

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