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help pls KEYBOARD BROKEN srs

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i own a Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth (kind of stealth like this font i'm using that was the consequential result of copying and pasting my keyboard name, i left said font because the task of changing it seemed daunting and a timely task at that. inhine sight explainig myself was worth it for the comedic result at my despair and contradictory ideologies.


anyways my keyboard is fucked might be razer synapse i tried unstalling drivers and software and changing usb and power settings, bios ... it flickered on and off during a razer update then stopped.... so its a software/driver issue...... help pls on screen keyboard sucks :kappa:

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7 minutes ago, raijin said:

probably synapse its shit

this was a more fruitful and helpful response then razer support

23 minutes ago, IHB said:

i dont own a keyboard ! i just use the built in windows on screen keyboard :D it works very good while gaming    !



not for socializing and lol :feels:

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