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Botting on Seperate Account


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Hey, just a quick question and looking for other people's opinions. I've been playing RS legit lately on my main and have been enjoying it, but realized I can have another acc just to bot on the side with and mess around with whether it be for gp or xp. My main currently had a 2 day ban about a year ago for botting green drags. Will my main be banned if I'm botting on the same computer as my main? Currently just botting on the 2nd account and then legit playing my main. Is trading going to be an issue as well? 

Just looking to get some opinions on the subject. Thanks agin.

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Yes, IF you transfer wealth from the bot TO the main. If you are doing that, proxy the bot and continue using the main on your house IP. If you're not transferring wealth, its totally irrelevant. Once I accidentally botted 200 accounts to about 3300k profit ea before realizing they were.. all on my home ip. Had to just delete them all :( However no mains were banned. 

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