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Hey there osbot!

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Hello everyone, My name is Richie i am almost 24 years old and live in Amsterdam (for study's).
In my spare time i play video games, Read books, watch old movies,gym,cook.
Some games i like: Rust ,Osrs ,Diablo2 ,Age of empires ,Mount and blade series ,Don't starve.
Some series i like to watch: Boardwalk empire, Sopranos, Prison break cant really think of any more atm, :P.

I'm here on osbot to gain trust and start a small business which includes; gold selling and buying, account selling, account leveling (All in osrs).
And hope to grow on this site as well like i did on some other sites (not sure if i can mention them so lets not, if you are interested in my feedback in other sites, feel free to ask me in pm)

So I hope to enjoy my stay here and have some fun,

See you around guys!

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